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Trump’s signals, may be in May or June,he’ll talk with Kim.

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US President Donald Trump has indicated on Monday that the date of the meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and May be forwarded in May. Trump said that he will meet North Korean leader next month or early June. However, he expressed a hopeful attitude towards this meeting.

Trump said this after the report that North Korea is ready to talk about nuclear disarmament in the summit. Before the cabinet meeting, Trump told reporters that the summit will be held in May or early June. Although Trump did not say where the meeting is about to happen.

Trump said, “Hopefully this will be a relationship that will be very different from the relationship that has been going on for years.” Trump also accused previous governments of putting relations with North Korea in jeopardy. Trump said, ‘It should have been done by another president so far.’ Let us know that a meeting of leaders of both countries was announced last month. Trump said, “The upcoming meeting will be very exciting for the world.”