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Trump’s announcement: After the Trump Kim Summit, Japan, Pentagon was also surprised!

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Washington, When the US President Donald Trump announced the closure of military exercises in the Korean peninsula after the Kim Jong-un-concert on Tuesday, the decision not only surprised his ally South Korea, but the Pentagon was also stunned.

A few hours after Trump’s announcement in Singapore, American soldiers stationed in South Korea said they are still preparing for military exercises and they will continue to do so until they get directions in this regard. Let us know that from the year 2015, the military practice between America and South Korea is called Ulchi Freedom Guardian (UFG).

In South Korea, US Army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jennifer told through an email, “Here the American command has not received any instructions related to the prevention of military exercises. Unless we receive any updates from the Ministry of Defense, we will move forward in this situation. ”

In Washington, the Pentagon, the Foreign Ministry and the White House officials are still gathering to know the impact of the announcement of Trump. Pentagon spokesman Christopher Logan said in an email, “The Ministry of Defense will continue to work with his colleagues in collaboration with the White House. On further information, we will provide more information to you.

Appreciating the successful meeting of Trump and Kim, South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in said that this will end the Cold War.

But many south Koreans are stunned by the promise of trump to stop military practice with Seoul. Annual military exercises have been an integral part of the coalition. Prepare South Korea against North Korea for its defense and keep Soul safe from the big powers of the region.

UFG is one of the largest military exercises in the world. The practice lasted 11 days last year, and about 17 thousand 500 US soldiers and 50,000 South Korean soldiers participated. Under this practice South Korea’s preparedness against North Korea is tested.

Since the announcement of Trump, the South Korean capital has the fear that Washington is very hasty in giving concession to North Korea before it destroys nuclear weapons. The South Korean Ministry of Defense issued a statement in haste and said that they are trying to know the intent of the trump.

“It’s a huge concession,” says Brian McQueon, a Pentagon official in the Obama Administration. Although it is not clear whether the order of Trump only applies to large military exercises like UFG or has announced it for several small military exercises. This will definitely affect the preparation of both US and South Korean forces. ‘

Japan also annoyed by the announcement
Japan’s defense minister also said on Wednesday that the combined military practice of South Korea and the US is very important for the protection of East Asian countries. Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera told the reporters, “We will try to establish an understanding between Japan, America and South Korea on this issue.”