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Trump, the successor to become President of the Indian origin, will wash hands with Presidentship!

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Many revelations have been made in a book written on the first year’s tenure of the US President Donald Trump’s White House.
Many sensational revelations have been made in the book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” written on U.S. President Donald Trump. The author of this book, written in Trump’s White House on the first year’s term, said that the Trump could end the journey in the White House.

The book’s author Michael , told BBC Radio, “The position that Trump has been elected to, is not worthy of it.” Wolff further said, ‘All of a sudden people are saying, O My God! This guy is really shameless. This concept is going on in people and it looks like it will carry the trump. ‘

Trump did not believe in victory
Donald Trump has given this book a trunk of lies’. His lawyer tried to ban the publication of this book, but it did not happen. “The presidential office in the White House, who was not confident about his victory in 2016, and his colleagues were suspicious of his ability.”

This book is full of lies- White House
Trump targeted Twitter’s author on Twitter via Friday, and his former colleague Steve Banon wrote about the book, “Michael Wolfe is a liar who is fabricating false stories to sell his book.” This is the person when it was removed from the job, it was crying. ‘ Banon is known as the Chief Strategist of Trump. The White House has said, “This book is full of lies and misleading facts have been placed in the context of those who have no access to the White House.

Nikki Haley may become the successor of Trump
In this book, he writes, “A close aide of Trump is worried about the fact that Haley is more ambitious and smart than Trump.” Haley of Indian origin has been the governor of the main American city of South Carolina. Nikky’s parents are Indian Sikhs, who settled in America. Close to Trump, is also worried about the way Nikki Haley’s influence is increasing, she can become a strong contender for the President. Nikki Haley also joins private meetings with Air Force One in Trump.