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Trump signs that the US could join the Paris Climate Agreement again.

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Washington: US President Donald Trump said on Thursday that his country could join ‘potentially’ again in the historic Parisian climate agreement, but they did not give any indication of any move in this direction. In June, Trump had announced the separation of the US from the Paris Agreement on climate change and decided to negotiate this agreement again. During the previous Obama administration, more than 190 countries signed this agreement.

While defending his decision to separate from the Paris accord, Trump said that his first concern was that it did not have justice with the US and there could be a better deal. Trump said, ‘The manner in which the Paris Agreement was created and we signed, there was a lot of injustice done to the US. There was a lot of penalties on the US. In terms of business, it has created many problems for us. ”

Trump said in a press conference with Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg, “Clearly, I have no problem with this agreement, but the agreement I signed was difficult for him because as always he made a poor deal. The President said, “We can potentially rejoin the agreement. But we want our enterprise to remain competitive too.

The US continues to be isolated on this issue so far but Trump has strictly defended its decision. Trump insisted that his administration is very serious about the environment. He said, “I am very serious about the environment. Our Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and our EPA commissioner are very powerful and they want clean water, clean air, but at the same time we want our enterprise to remain competitive. ‘