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Trump said – India imposes a lot of taxes on us, we will also recover.

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US President Donald Trump on Saturday accused India of being a tariff importer. Trump said that he wants a two-way (mutual follow-up or counter-tax) tax. Addressing the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Trump said, “India is a country imposing more import tariffs. They charge a lot more to us. ‘

In a speech that lasted more than 2 hours, Trump spoke on issues such as domestic, global and countries such as bilateral relations with India. Once again he was giving an example of Harley Davidson motorcycling and said, “When we send a motorcycle to India, they impose 100% tax and when India sends us a motorcycle, we do not charge anything. So I want a double tax. I want to tax. It is called Mirror Tax, but it is reciprocal. ‘

At a White House event at the beginning of this year, Trump said that he is satisfied with India’s decision to reduce the tax on Harley Davidson from 100 percent to 50 percent. He said, ‘It is not enough, but it is fine.’

He cited the example of India as how other countries impose more taxes on American products and now America wants the double-tech tax. Trump said, ‘India imposes a lot of tax on us. They impose 100% tax, I am not going to impose 100% tax on you, but I will charge 25%. There was a ruckus in the Senate on this because we will charge 25%.

Trump told his supporters that his move was opposed in the Senate. They said, “I tell them, they are charging us 100 percent and for the same product I want 25 percent tax. I feel foolish while taking 25 percent because it should be 100 percent. But I’m only taking 25% because of you people, I want your support. ‘