Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, the wall street journal

Trump rejects news of ‘good relationship’ with Kim Jong.


Washington: US President Donald Trump denied that he had a major newspaper talk of having a “good relationship” with North Korean leader Kim Jong- Trump said that in ‘fake news’ he has been cited ‘wrongly’.

It is worth noting that on Thursday, the Wall Street Journal said in a news report that Trump has developed a positive relationship with the North Korean leader despite mutual differences. According to the news, Trump had said, ‘I probably have a good relationship with Kim Jong. There are links with my people. I think you are astonished. ‘

Trump said that the newspaper knew very well what he had said, but he wanted only ‘fake news’. He said, “The Wall Street Journal has incorrectly told me that I told him that my Kim Jong has a good relationship with them. Clearly I did not say so. ‘ The President said, ‘I had said that Kim Jong had good relations with them before me, there is a big difference between both.’