Trump ready to take strict restrictions on North Korea.

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US President Donald Trump has shown a tough stance on North Korea’s Continental Ballistic Missile Test. On Tuesday night North Korea conducted a powerful ICBM missile test.

President Trump said he spoke to Chinese President Xi Jinping about North Korea’s recent missile test.

Trump has said to ban more North Korea. According to China’s official news agency, Xi Jinping told Trump that China is committed to peace and nuclear disarmament in the Korean Peninsula.
About North Korea, may also be in the Security Council, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said that the recent long-range missile test of North Korea is a direct violation of the Security Council resolutions.

North Korea has claimed that it has tested a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile.
According to North Korea, the missile will reach the entire United States. Government TV says that North Korea has achieved its mission in achieving nuclear power.

The Hwang-15 missile is being called the most powerful missile. The missile was examined in the dark on Wednesday night.

After the missile test, Japan fell into the sea. North Korea has so far had its highest height among the missiles tested.

North Korea is continuously violating international sanctions. North Korea has many international restrictions to stop the nuclear program, but it is defying every sanction.

North Korea’s verdict is being severely condemned, but it is completely unfriendly.
After the missile test, the emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council has been held. After this trial of North Korea, South Korea has also come into action.

South Korea maneuvered and tested his ballistic missiles.

What is the claim of North Korea?

The information of this missile test was given by the country’s official TV in the afternoon through a special broadcast. At the same time, the official news agency there also reported the test.

North Korea had earlier said that its missile could destroy America, but now it is for the first time that she has tested a new type of missile this time, which is more deadly than ever before.
KCNA says that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un- launched it in its presence.
With this test he said that it is a moment of pride for North Korea. North Korea gave it a historic turn in the path of becoming a nuclear power.

In the KCNA report, North Korea has been described as a responsible nuclear power and peaceful country.
In addition, it has been reported in the report that North Korea is doing this for peace and the purpose of stability in the world. North Korea said that it is against its own self defense and against American imperialism.

Can North Korea missile reach America?
What do the experts say?

According to an analysis, North Korea’s missile could reach 13 thousand kilometers. This means that anyone in the USA can reach.
Along with this, North Korea’s missile is also being suspected. It is being said that there is access, but its potential is not acceptable. This means that they will not be able to carry nuclear weapons.

On the other hand, North Korea says that the Hwosong-15 missile can drop heavy nuclear weapons on American soil. Experts believe that North Korea will still take two to three years to successfully use the intercontinental ballistic missile.

To do this, North Korea needs access to high tech. When the ICBM is equipped with nuclear weapons, the explosion of the explosive is very dangerous for the environment. Nobody is aware that North Korea has achieved ICBM power.

Why did North Korea test it in the night?
This test was performed abnormally at night. It also makes it clear that North Korea can also be tested in the darkness of the night. It is true that it is very difficult to kill the missile in the night. Testing in North Korea proves that it has improved its missile capability.