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Trump promises to make the path of citizenship easier through H-1B visas.

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US President Donald Trump promised to amend the H-1B visa process on Friday. He said that he wants to encourage Talented and Highly Skilled people to pursue a career in America and pave the way for citizenship for them. This statement of the president came between the immigration reform and the controversial debate over the southern border that has created a wall. Trump says that the southern wall is very important to prevent infiltration. He also talked about making the way for legitimate non-Muslims to come to America.

Thousands of foreign workers are becoming vulnerable to the H-1B visa. Among them are 3 lakh Indians. Their permanent residency and citizenship base in the US has become dependent on their parent country based quota. Also, the issue of special emphasis on the issue of illegal immigration is being paid to legitimate immigrants.

Under the current system 9,800 Indians get American Green Card every year. Most Americans support the Indian trump The reason for this is that they have given the confidence to improve immigration system. Many experts believe that existing immigration systems are legally obliged to visit the United States, while assisting illegal immigrants who benefit from many amnesty and regulatory programs.

Since the current system has 7% Country Quota or Legal Temporary Residency (LPR) for Green Cards, citizens of large countries like India and China have to wait years to achieve American citizenship. Because there are a lot of people from these two countries going to America.

Under the existing Immigration and Naturalization Act, 1.4 million visas are allocated annually for five employment-based LPR categories. This figure is approximately 12 percent of the total 1.1 million visas granted in the financial year 2017. Then the annual maximum of 7% of all employment-based LPR approved on those countries who visit non-resident America applies. This means that only about 9,800 immigrants can achieve success in more than three lakh Indians waiting for the green card every year. This way, the number of people who wait is increasing every year.