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Trump prepared to give citizenship to ‘Dreamers’, thousands of Indians will get benefit.

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Washington, For the first time, US President Donald Trump has indicated that he is ready to give citizenship to ‘Dreamers’. He said that they can get American citizenship in the next 10 to 12 years. The special thing is that this move of Trump will benefit thousands of immigrants of Indian origin without valid documents, which have so far come with uncertainty.

Significantly, nearly 6.9 million immigrants were children when they illegally reached America. It is believed that these decisions will benefit the US president. Thousands of these are Indians. The term ‘Dreamers’ is used for those people who are living in the US without valid documents. Under the terms, in 2001, a bill was introduced in Congress as a DREAM Act to give American citizenship to these people. Although it has not yet passed.

Donald Trump said in the White House before moving to Davos for a meeting of the World Economic Forum, “We are going to change it gradually. This will happen in the future in 10-12 years. ‘ Trump has called it an incentive of migrants’ hard work. Trump further said, ‘Tell them that they do not have to worry.’ However a senior administrative officer has said that no final decision has been taken on this matter yet.