National Security Advisor Michael Flynn

Trump on the meeting with the Russian officer, ‘What Flynn did, it is legitimate’.

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US president Donald Trump says that what former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn did in 2016 after the presidential election was valid.
Michael Flynn has made an agreement with the committee investigating Russia’s occupation of presidential elections and now he has become a witness.
There are allegations that President Trump’s team had contacted the Russian authorities.
In a tweet, Trump has said that he had removed Flynn from the post due to lying to Vice President and FBI.
In his tweet, Trump said, “I had to remove General Flynn because he lied to Vice President and FBI and he has accepted the blame for that lie too. It is shameful because what he did during the transition was valid. There was nothing like hiding in it. ”
Trump says that there is nothing like hiding in what his team did during the change of power.
In the interrogation, Flynn has accepted the allegation of lying to the FBI about the meeting with the then Russian ambassador Sergey Kisalak in December 2016.
It is believed that Flynn Trump can give proof against other top people in the administration.
Flynn has alleged that he was directed by a top man of the power transformation team of Trump to meet Russian officials.
Many US media organizations have said that the senior officials are being talked about, but not Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner.
US intelligence agencies say that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin had ordered the US elections to be influenced in support of Trump.
President Trump has been denying his election campaign or allegations of power change party being influenced by Russia.
Michael Flynn had resigned as the National Security Advisor in February.