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Trump-Kim meeting will not be discussed on the issue of deployment of US troops in Korea: Mattis.

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US Defense Minister Jim Matisse has said that issues related to American soldiers deployed in South Korea will not be discussed in the summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong. Referring to the date of the meeting of Trump-Kim meeting, he said in Shangri-La dialogue in Singapore, “No issue will be discussed in Singapore on June 12.”

South Korea currently has about 28 thousand 500 soldiers in the US. The US Defense Minister said, “This issue will not be discussed with the North Korean leader. Obviously, if diplomats can do their job, if we can reduce the risk, if we can take steps to restore confidence, then such issues can be negotiated between South Korea and the US. ”

South Korea’s President Moon-Jae-In had last month rejected the claims that if the peace treaty was signed with North Korea, then the US security forces deployed in the country would go back.