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Trump-Kim after our 50-minute talks, our relationships will be fantastic.

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Singapore, US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong was among the first round of historic summit on Tuesday. The purpose of this meeting was to make bilateral relations normal and to complete disarmament in the Korean Peninsula. The meeting, which lasted for almost 50 minutes, took place at the Hotel Kapella in Santos Island, Singapore. After the meeting, both the leaders saw coming out in the balcony and shouting their hands. After the meeting, Trump found that his meeting with Kim was very good and at the same time expressed confidence that he and Kim could solve any major problems or conflicts. He said that both leaders can achieve tremendous success together and also assured that such a day would definitely be there.

The two leaders started the summit with a warm hand in front of the media in the hotel. Sitting next to the North Korean leader, Trump said, ‘Our relationships will be very great next.’ I am feeling really good, I have no doubt in it. “This meeting started at 6.30 am in Indian time.

North Korean leader Kim Jong said that there were many “balls” in the way of this meeting in Singapore. He told the media through a translator, “We crossed those barriers and today we are here.” This first summit between the current US president and a North Korean leader is also seen in the relationship between Trump and Kim Changing will prove.

Let us state that on Monday evening before the talks, America had offered specific security guarantees to North Korea instead of complete, verified and irreversible nuclear disarmament. The White House had confirmed that 71-year-old President Trump and 34-year-old Kim will be the first meeting in which only translators will be present. The US has emphasized that it is not approved by anything less than complete nuclear disarmament in the Korean Peninsula. North Korea’s official media had said on Monday that during Kim’s talks, negotiations for ‘nuclear disarmament’ and ‘permanent peace’ are ready.