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Trump is morally inept for the post of President: James Comey.

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Washington, Former director of the FBI, James Comey told in an interview to ABC that Donald Trump is morally inept for the presidential post. According to ABC, Comey said for Trump, “I do not believe in the things being said about their being mentally incapacitated or in the early stages of the hallucination. ‘

He said, ‘I do not think he is ineligible for the presidential post for health reasons. I think that he is morally ineligible for this post. “Comey said, ‘Our President should show respect and respect to those values ​​which are at the core of our country. The most important of these is the truth. The President is not able to do this. “Trump, in the May 2017 comedy post, about the FBI’s behavior in the investigation of Democrat Hillary Clinton and the alleged Russian alliance of Trump’s election campaign to make 2016 presidential elections. Was removed.

Just 11 days before the election, Comey had announced that during the stay as Hillary’s Foreign Minister, the FBI will again investigate the possible abuse of the private email server. Hillary said that this step made the cause of their defeat at Trump’s hands.