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Trump announcement after meeting Kim, military practice will no longer be with South Korea.

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Singapore, US President Donald Trump made a big announcement on Tuesday after a historic meeting with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un. He announced that now America will not do military exercises with South Korea in the Korea Peninsula. Trump told reporters, “We will close the war games, which will save us a lot of money.” He further said that he agreed to stop the war games because he felt that it was very provocative. Let us tell you that this announcement of Trump is not a joint military exercise with South Korea, because it fulfills the major demands of North Korea.

Actually, North Korea has been claiming that America is preparing for the attack. Shortly after meeting Kim Jong, this statement of Trump emphasizes the hope of peace in the region. However, the US President has also said that restrictions imposed on North Korea due to nuclear tests will continue. During this, Trump made another important announcement that he wants to call back US troops deployed in South Korea. Donald Trump had made this promise to the people during the election campaign.

Trump said, ‘I want to remove my soldiers from there. I want to call them indigenous. However it will not happen immediately. I hope this will happen at the end. ‘ Although this remark of Trump can raise the ears of South Korean fanatics, who have requested them not to risk the country’s security. Significantly, America and South Korea are partners in the security case.

About 30,000 American soldiers are stationed in South Korea at this time. They are kept there to save him from North Korea, who invaded in 1950. America and South Korea are doing joint military exercises every year, which has provoked North Korea. North Korea has long been referring to stopping the war practice. In response, he repeatedly conducted a missile test, which increased the tension in the area.

Trump said, ‘I consider it very provocative. In the circumstances under which we are talking about a complete agreement, it is inappropriate to conduct military exercises. The first thing will save us money and the second thing is that it will be highly appreciated. “This step is based on an earlier proposal by China. Under this, North Korea will not conduct nuclear and missile trials in lieu of stopping U.S. military exercises.

Significantly, there is a historic dialogue between Trump and Kim for normalization of relations between the US and North Korea and for complete nuclear disarmament in the Korea Peninsula.