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The trump administration was stern, the US stopped the $ 255 million aid given to Pakistan.

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The US has stopped the assistance of US $ 255 million (16.24 billion) to Pakistan. This has been confirmed by the White House. The statement issued by the White House said that the future of this help will depend on the action of Pakistan against terrorism in its own land. Let us tell you that this move from the United States was lifted on Monday only when President Donald Trump had flogged Pakistan on the tweeter.

Trump said in a string of terse words: “America has fooled Pakistan more than $ 33 billion in the last 15 years and they did not give us anything other than” lies and deception “while thinking our leaders foolish “He said in his first tweet this year,” He provided safe havens to terrorists against whom we have very little help in Afghanistan. Y do. Now no more. “This was the toughest attack by the American President Trump. His comment came a few days after the news in the media, stating that America is expressing its dissatisfaction with Pakistan’s reluctance in the war against terrorism and is considering to prevent 225 million dollars of aid being given to it.

Pakistan said – will not help anymore

After this comment by Trump, Khwaja Asif met Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi today and Khwaja Asif responded on the tweet, “We will reply soon to the tweet on US President Trump … The world will tell the truth. The facts and the story of the fabricated story will tell the difference. “The Foreign Minister said that Trump has told the administration that we will not do any more for him. He said, “Pakistan is ready to make every information public about the support that the US has received in last 15 years.” Meanwhile, Pakistan People’s Party Senator Sherry Rehman tweeted, “Coalition aid was never counted by Pakistan as a help. Nor will it be seen as a help. It was reimbursement of the expenditure on joint action on the border. ‘