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Trump administration can change H-1B visa rules, big changes will increase in life span

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Washington: The Donald Trump Administration has decided not to allow wives or husbands of 1-B visa holders to work in America. The Trump Administration has proposed to abrogate this rule. If this happens, then soon the Trump administration will declare the work of the life spouses of the visa holders invalid.

Let the wives and husbands of H-1B visa holders awaiting the green card since 2015 are allowed to work in the US on the H-4 dependent visa. These rules were made during the former US President Obama’s tenure. But American President Donald Trumpk, who changes many Obama-era rules, is going to make a big difference in this rule. It will affect millions of people.

But on Thursday, the American Homeland Security Department proposed to abrogate this rule. However, during this time the reasons behind this were not explained. But it has been said that Trump is trying to follow the proposal of “By American, Higher American” signed in April.

According to the changed rule, the life partner of H-1B holders will not have any problem working in other fields other than technical. Referring to other changes in the rule, the Department said that the most talented foreign nationals who are truly qualified will be present under the law. Let me tell you that women working under Obama’s regime are already facing legal challenges. Significantly, a group called ‘Save Job USA’ in the US had filed a lawsuit expressing threats to US jobs in April 2015.

R. R., President of Indian IT Industry Organization Chandrasekhar says that this decision is another step in the direction of the Trump Government’s continuous H-1B visa rules. According to CNN, H-1B visa holders can avoid staying in America when the husband or wife does not get work.

It is known that H-1B is a common visa route for foreigners with high efficiency in working in US companies which is valid for three years. It can be renewed for another three years. According to the statistics, about 85,000 foreign engineers go to work every year in the US.