Truecaller stops its free call recording service!


Truecaller has stated that from May 11, it would no longer offer its call recording service. The news comes after Google stated on May 11 that it has modified its Play Store policy to restrict third-party applications’ access to the Accessibility API. It should be noted that in some areas, first-party dialler applications like the Google Dialer pre-installed on phones will still allow users to record phone calls. It’s probable that Google made this modification to provide Android users more privacy and to comply with call recording regulations throughout the world.

“As per the updated Google Developer Program policies, we are unable to offer call recordings any longer. This will not affect devices that have call recording built into the device natively,” said a Truecaller spokesperson. “We had introduced call recording for all Android smartphones based on overwhelming consumer demand. Call Recording on Truecaller was free for everyone, permission-based and required users to enable the feature using the Google Accessibility API,” according to the spokesperson.

Prior to this, Google announced a policy change that made it impossible for third-party call recording applications to disable the capability. With the release of Android 10, Google first disabled call recording on the platform. Third-party apps, on the other hand, continued to do so by using the Accessibility API, which was not affected by the ban. From May 11, when these new standards go into effect, Google will put a halt to it.

“The Accessibility API is not meant for remote call audio recording and cannot be requested,” Google warned. Users with Android 10 or subsequent versions of Google’s operating system will no longer be able to record applications with third-party apps.

While this appears to be a significant step forward in terms of privacy and security, call recording on Android phones is not going away anytime soon. While third-party apps are no longer able to utilise the API, the built-in app is still able to do so. As a result, whether you have a Samsung, Xiaomi, or another brand phone with a native call recording feature within the app, you can continue to do so without fear. Additionally, the Google Phone app can record calls, although the caller is still notified on the other end.