how to fall asleep

Trouble falling asleep? Here are some hacks to help you fall asleep

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We all know that 7-8 hours of sleep is a must. But what we don’t know is how to achieve that span of sleep. If you’re someone like me when has trouble falling asleep and then once you’re asleep you face trouble waking up, then this one’s definitely for you. Sleep is like super necessary. And here are a few easy hacks for you to fall asleep early at night.

• Hot water bath

I personally love hot water baths because they’re very relaxing. But that’s not the only reason for a hot water bath before sleep. Taking a really nice, long hot water bath makes the temperature of your body rise and the cool-down that occurs after you’re done bathing, makes you feel relaxed, stress-free, and helps you fall asleep.

• Set a regular bedtime

Setting a regular bedtime is very essential. Throwing off your internal clock runs the risk of your body not letting you rest enough and get some good night’s sleep. So, go and set a bedtime asap.

• Shut off those electronic gadgets

I get it, you like having those 2 am long and deep conversations with people but believe me this is harmful to your health. The light emitted from the electronic gadgets hit your retina and blocks the hormone that’s helping you to sleep.

• Don’t drink coffee in the afternoon

We all depend on coffee when we want to stay up, working, or exercising, it’s like an energy booster. But did you know? The caffeine can stick around in your system for up to 10 hours and contributing to keeping you up at night since it’s a stimulant.

• Wear socks

So in the Western countries, people wear socks at night and when I learned about this I wondered why and now that I know the answer, I’m going to share it with you guys. So wearing socks keep your feet warm, this leads to the widening of the blood cells, which help increase the blood flow in your body and helps you sleep.

• Drink chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is a herbal tea that’s easily available online. So, chamomile tea is a sleeping remedy, and the best part is that it’s a natural sleep remedy because it gives an increase in the body’s production of a chemical called glycine. This chemical relaxes the nerves and acts as a mild sedative.

• Breathe

Back when I was a school student, we were often told to practice breathing exercises before sleeping. Being a rebellious kid, I’d never do that because why? “saans toh lete hi hai”. But now I know why, breathing delivers more oxygen to your nervous system which calms you down.
So, there’s a technique for this to work. Follow these few steps and you will no longer have trouble falling asleep.
1) Breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds.
2) Hold the breath for 7 seconds.
3) Blow the air out of your mouth for 8 seconds.
4) Repeat this three times. Make this your bedtime ritual.