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In Trends, Philippines Women’s are crazy to create white & fair her vagina.

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Manila, People around the world are ready to do anything for white skin, its latest example can be seen in the Philippines, in these days, girls have been competing with white vagina. This process has been named ‘Angel Whitening’. Recently in Thailand, there was a pair of people from Penis Whitening process, after which there was a lot of controversy.

The Angel Whitening process has begun on the clinic of Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon Wiki Belo. Here, promise is made to whiten Vagina in just 30 minutes using laser technology.

The doctor, who works in the clinic, said, “The technique of women’s weavers becomes clean and white.”

According to the report, for a session, you have to pay about $ 979 and only licensed doctors can do the procedure. The Belo Clinic is not giving such treatment for the first time. According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, in the year 2014, this clinic started the process called FemiLift. The process that lasted for 10 minutes was promised to make the virgin again.