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Trade with China only when it is in the best interests of America: Donald Trump

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US President Donald Trump has said that the trade agreement with China is only possible when he believes that doing so is in the interest of the US, between the reports of interruptions in negotiations with China. Trump said this during his address at White House on Friday. Trump said that he believed that trade agreement with China would be done.

These two big economies of the world were embroiled in a trade war between themselves when Trump imposed a heavy duty on steel and aluminum imported from China in March last year. It also dawned that this move could work as a spark in the global trade war.

Trump told reporters, ‘I believe. But if we can not negotiate better for our country then I will not do it. If this is not a good deal then I will not hurt this deal. “Last month, Trump had said that he and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping are scheduled to meet in Florida where he can finalize the trade agreement with China.