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Trade war: US imposed 25% tariff on Chinese products.

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Washington, A few days after the threat of a trade war between China and the US, Washington announced Tuesday that it will impose a 25 percent tariff on China’s $ 50 billion technical products imported from China. This information was given by White House. Not only that, the Donald Trump administration also said that action on China’s illegal trade policies will be taken on June 30.

In a statement, White House said, “To protect our national security, America will implement significant investment restrictions on China and export control related to technology.”

The statement further said, “US will impose a 25 percent tariff on technology products imported from China, and this issue will be raised in front of international trade organization. The list of products affected by the tariff will be issued by June 15.

According to the statement, “America will continue to try to protect domestic technology and intellectual property, will stop China from industrially significant technology and non-financial transactions of intellectual property, and will increase access to the Chinese market.” White House further said that discussion on this issue will continue. The US is optimistic about resolving the longstanding structural problems and will increase its exports by eliminating the import restrictions of China.

Let us state that this announcement has been done by the US at a time when US Commerce Minister Wilbur Ross is going to China to discuss the issue next month. The situation of trade war between the US and China has been going on for a long time. On March 23, Trump had announced to impose tariff on Chinese products of $ 60 billion, in return, China also imposed a 25 percent tariff on US $ 50 billion of US products. However, these tariffs have not yet been implemented.