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Trade war started between the two largest economies of the world could be faster in the next few days.

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Rapidly growing Chinese investment in US technology industry is on the target of Donald Trump. Media reports say that President Trump can soon take tough decisions against Chinese investment in key American companies. Through this he can shock China’s ambitious ‘Plan 2025’.

According to the report, this move of the US will be bigger and widespread, just like charging goods worth $ 50 billion worth of China. Recently, the Trump Administration accused China of taking this decision, accusing it of unfair trade.

However, China also responded to the tariffs in America in the same fashion. Charges imposed by China will be applicable from July 6. According to the report of The Wall Street Journal, the US President wants to stop several Chinese companies from investing in American technology firms. Apart from this, their intention is to restrict the export of additional technology to China.

Trump will flick with twin decisions?
It is believed that such double decisions can be announced by the end of this week. Its purpose is to stop China from becoming a global leader in 10 broad areas of technology under the ‘Made in China 2025’ report. These include information technology, aerospace, electric vehicle and biotechnology. The US Department of Finance is preparing such rules, through which at least 25 percent of Chinese-owned companies can be prevented from buying companies with ‘industrially important technology’.

Big announcement till June 30
According to the report, people who have information about the discussion on this plan say that this limit may be even lower. Earlier, White House had said that measures such as banning investment and export control can be announced by June 30. Through this, American technology will be stopped by Chinese companies.

The potential ban on Chinese investment in the US is being taken at a time when Chinese investment in the country is rapidly declining. According to a report, compared to last year, Chinese investment in the five months of 2018 has declined by 90 percent.

Shrinking Chinese investment
Indeed, a committee on foreign investment in the US has called the rise in foreign investment as a threat to national security in the country’s business. In the US Tech Startups, Chinese investment in 2014 was $ 2.3 billion. It reached $ 9.9 billion in 2015. However, it declined in 2016. Analysts say China deserves to buy American firms and technology. In 2017, China made 165 deals with American startups, which was only 12 percent lower than in 2015.