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Trade war started, after the US, China has now imposed tariff.

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Beijing, The trade war has started in the US and China. On Friday, the US made a big blow to imports a new tariff of $ 25 billion on Chinese imports of $ 34 billion. According to the China Daily report, China on Friday also imposed a tariff on US goods. The official newspaper report says that immediately after imposing a new tariff on Chinese goods, China has imposed a tariff on 545 items imported from the US. The special thing is that China’s decision will affect US $ 34 billion in imports.

China has said that it will take necessary steps to protect its interests with the US decision. In a statement issued on the China Ministry of Commerce website, “China is compelled to take every necessary and counter-measures to safeguard its people and the interests of the country after the US begins its biggest trade war in history. ‘

The Ministry said, “These Duties are really like a democracy, which will have serious impact on the global industry. This will also hinder global economic recovery. ‘ China has said that this move by the US will have huge impact on innocent global companies, not just ordinary companies but global customers. The Chinese Ministry has said that it will have a bad effect on American enterprises and customers.

William Zarit, chairman of the American Chambers of Commerce in China, told the Global Times that none of the winner of such trade war would be the winner. He said that counter productive import tariffs will not only harm the economies of the United States and China but it will affect every country in the world.

By the way, Trump had announced this in June only. Now the US Customs Officer will recover 25 percent of the tariff on Chinese products. Not only that, in the next two weeks, the US will impose tariffs on other Chinese products of $ 16 billion.

Zarit said that he is worried about American companies doing business in China. In this way, increasing tension between the US and China will make it difficult to work here. He further said, “We request the two governments to sit in front of them to reach a positive conclusion and find solution.”

China had promised that he would not start the trade war before, but America would not have to go back on doing so. The Ministry of Commerce of China has also said that he will also keep the matter in the WTO.