Toxic Fruits

Toxic Fruits: Are apples and some other famous fruits really poisonous?

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Toxic Fruits: Generally, whenever it comes to health-related food, we are advised to eat fruits. But many times, only some parts of fruits that are considered healthy prove to be harmful to humans. It is also not easy to believe that these health-making fruit trees or parts of the fruit contain toxic chemical elements that are enemies of human health.

The most shocking name of these fruits is apple. Apple seeds contain cyanogenic glycosides, which are very toxic. Those who eat these seeds in large quantities have always died. But in everyday life, people are never seen eating so many seeds.

Dry fruits are considered healthy, but not everything is good in almonds and the like. While very oily almonds are also known for their aroma, but most of them are bitter. Bitter almonds are injurious to health. They contain cyanide, and their poison has to be removed before they can be used.

What are the toxic fruits or seeds?

Cashew is a unique dry fruit that is not actually a fruit but a seed. Whereas cashew is the seed inside a shell-like structure inside a fruit. It is never eaten raw because they contain urushiol, which is a toxic chemical. Sometimes its effect is seen only on the workers who prepare them.

Cherry is also called Aloobalu. There is a succulent berry-like fruit. Cherries are eaten as a fruit or cooked. But its seed is actually poisonous. When these seeds are chewed and swallowed, hydrogen cyanide starts coming out of them. By eating it, symptoms like headache, sleepiness, vomiting are seen. Overdose can cause problems ranging from high blood pressure to kidney damage.

Surprisingly, even a popular fruit plant like tomato contains a toxic chemical. It is used so much that it is used as a vegetable even after being a fruit scientifically. It is a matter of comfort that there is no poison inside the fruit of tomato, but its leaves and twigs contain a poisonous substance called glycoalkaloid. Which can cause a lot of nervousness and an upset stomach.

It is not that only the seeds or plants of famous fruits are harmful. Sometimes the reverse also happens. Asparagus or asparagus is a medicinal plant. Due to its many medicinal properties, it has many uses in the medical field, but its fruit does a lot of damage. Its small berry-like fruit is poisonous to humans.

Apricot or Apricot is considered to be a kind of dry fruit like an almond nut. It is a fruit of the Plum and Peach plant family. Apricots contain many types of vitamins and fiber. But its seeds are poisonous. Cyanide is found in this place. The amygdalin substance is incredibly toxic, causing weakness, fever, nausea, joint pain, etc., complaints.