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Top 14 Hobbies you can convert into money sources after lockdown.

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If you are not able to meet up with your needs, or you want to earn more, turning your hobby into a source of income can be a good idea. Think about all the things that come to your mind which brings a smile to your face. Doing a bit of graphic designing, or cooking, painting or sewing? It can be any of these or something also out from the box.

We are living in an era, where the internet makes everything easy for us. We can reach up to numerous people and turn our hobby into a money-maker. You can sell your things on websites which are meant for certain marketing purpose. ‘Let’s take a look at a few of the activities that can help you add on to your income. Because it is practically true that if we do what we love then there would be no need for working.


If you are the kind of person who spends your time knitting or cannot watch TV without the needles in your hand, then you can turn this habit into a profession. You can sell your beautiful knit creation sin the market or online. The beauty of things enhances when they are made from hand. Be it hats, scarves, baby clothes or dresses.

Computer Coding

If you love coding and have an interest in writing out new code, you can easily freelance out your in-demand skills to different kinds of companies. And you can make money by coding for different companies in the market.


Giving new designs to piece of clothing and sitting on the sewing machine and spending some of the time can be a soothing task to keep yourself engaged. But it can also help you to make money if you are ready to be a tailor and sell your dress online.

Stock Investing

This field is completely a table-turning for many people. If you have the right knowledge and you love spending your time buying, selling, and keeping track of stocks then you can surely try it. It depends upon the investment you make and the nature of the market.


If you a painter, pick up your brush and sell your piece of art at a good price. Many online sites offer you painting services.


There are various sites such as which will pay you a good amount if you review any book by reading it. They also provide you a bonus if they like your work. Kirkus and Women’s Review of Book can fetch you a good amount.

Pet Sitting

If you are getting paid to spend time with pets, it sounds good as well as it is true. A site such as Wag and Rover helps you to find owners of the pet in your area.

You can earn huge nad make some beautiful furry friends to play with.


Be a gardener at your home. You can plant a few seeds and sell the plants or fruits in various online sites or Facebook group. Craigslist is one such site that can help you establish the business in this field.

DIY Crafts

With Esty, Facebook Marketplace, Amazon Handmade and many more sites for selling the projects or craft goods you have made in free time can be seen by anyone on the Web. To find a new home for your creations different items such as knit scarves, hand-crafted jewelry, or wooden engravings can all become part of your custom shop.


Playing the role of the teacher was fun in childhood. It can turn out to be a fulfilling hobby and you can even turn it into your professional career. There are different types of platforms and with the help of the internet, you can reach the students instantly. Chegg and TutorMe can help you in tutoring, sitting in any corner of the house.


If you have been dreaming of having your website to sell pictures, you can do this with sell stock photos or do freelance work of photography for smaller side earnings.


Many sites have been offering you with content writing. If writing has been your passion, and you want to earn some bucks, you can try Internshala, freelance mantra, and many more such sites. Editing and blogging can also help you with this.

Graphic Design

It does not matter if you are developing interest in this field or you are a professional; there are different types of graphic design jobs available which can help you to save more money.


The way people workout has been evolving with the advancement in the digital era. If you are a fitness freak, you can think upon starting your YouTube videos or blogging. If you gather a good audience, YouTube can bring you a good economy.