Top 10 Best alternatives to GoGoAnime to watch absolutely Free Anime series on the Internet.


Anime fans are gradually increasing everywhere in the world which also leads to an increase in the number of websites that stream Anime TV series or movies. Anime fans definitely love some free online streaming and binge-watching their favorite series and hence lately GoGoAnime has been the most popular website mainly because of its variegated content across the genre, sub-genre also constant updates in their massive database and mobile-friendly user interface. 

GoGoAnime basically provides a huge database to stream through. Yet there are millions of other websites with better user-friendly features such as better user interface, fewer advertisements better content, categorical genre, and sub-genre, etc. 


1. KissAnime 

KissAnime is considered as the top replacement for GoGoAnime because of its a massive database and also because of it’s easy navigation and of course easy navigational user interface 

KissAnime offers TV series and movies for free and the best quality available. Although the site is supported by adverts, it has a premium subscription for ad-free streaming. 

This website targets at the overall experience of the user with variant choices at the homepage itself. KissAnime also provides access to MANGA and its discord community is a plus one feature. 

2. 9Anime 

Adding on to the similar features as of GoGoAnime and Kiss anime 9Anime provides a better user interface for minimalist users since the interface is 

clean and clutter-free. While accessing the site if it shows it has been taken down there are previous versions of the sites which can be accessed. 

There is no need for registration so if you are using a VPN your access to the website is completely unidentified. This Website is definitely a go-to the website for apprentice users. 

3. PutLocker 

PutLocker is a great option for binge-watching both Anime TV series and movies since both updated Anime TV serials and Movies are found here. 

The attractive feature is that the content can be downloaded easily to watch on the go. The interface is similarly eye-catching as 9Anime yet holding on to its old looks. The Website is currently taken down (dated 21st April 2020). 

4. AnimeUltima 

AnimeUltimate is a confidante website for the ones who like sharing their views and have active community conversations since AnimeUltima has a highly active community to make friends and also discuss their favorite anime. It has a dark mode interface too. 

The most conspicuous characteristic is it’s “trending column” that lists all the current popular Anime TV series. Although you can binge watch TV series for free, you cannot download them on your android or IOS phone. 

5. AnimeLand 

AnimeLand provides a detailed description of each Anime TV series. Here the download feature is not available also the user interfaces seem to be a little old. 

A person with a capped internet connection can effortlessly stream any Anime TV series or Movie from 480p to 1080p. AnimeLand also provides 

English subtitles so it serves your purpose if you are up to the minute at Anime 

6. AnimePlanet 

Anime planet provides the option of sign in wherein you can log into the website to binge-watch your favorite anime TV series or Movies and also create your own libraries to watch later. 

The website has quite an active community to debate over your favorite anime with people of like concordant views. The addition characteristic is the following feature wherein you can follow your fellow anime viewers. 

AnimePlanet offers a huge list of categories and genres to choose what to watch next. Not only TV series, but you can also get a lot of information about Manga and all the interesting characters in the anime universe. 

7. Kuraoni 

Kuraoni does not only provide a great interface to anime lovers but also other cartoon lovers. There is a separate tab for cartoons. So, if you are both anime and cartoon lover then this is the perfect website for you. One can see which videos have subtitles, which is dubbed in English before playing those and small description is also available about every TV series. 

You will find both dubbed and non dubbed movies here. Also, like every other Anime website, Kuraoni also allows you to join the community to interact with people with compatible views. 

If you like their approach there is also a donate button to support the developers of the website. Kuraoni also provides you with progress tracker so that you never miss out on an episode of your most loved Anime TV series or movies 

8. AnimeFrenzy 

Dubbed, non dubbed, genre, popular pick, movies you name it you get it if you like these you are all covered. The site also allows you to log in to create your own libraries. 

The site is quite easy to navigate and there is a pointer if any series is dubbed or comes with or without subtitles in English. If you are looking for the best website with the best user interface and a dark theme to watch Anime then look no further, AnimeFrenzy has got you all covered. 

9. Crunchy roll 

Crunchy roll tends to have the best user experience since the application is region oriented and also has a massively huge database of anime TV series or movies to stream. 

The most eye-catching feature of crunchy rolls us the Anime games and the access to manga. The plus point is that it has its own application as well so you need to surf through the website every time. 

It has been in the competition for ages. Staying at one of the top competitors for similar websites. As it has been working for years there are chances it may be restricted in some regions. 


Undecided what to binge-watch next? Stremio shows recommended as well as trending shows and movies for you available on every major platform, from Windows to Android. 

Not only is an alternative for gogoanime for just anime, but also for every major movie or TV series you desire to watch. 

By logging in the application it will automatically stack watching TV series and movies to your library when you watch them and notifies when a new episode is available. 

As the application use torrent links to stream, you can add more free plugins to add mirrors. The whole application is free to use and the UI is one of the best in the competition. 


And that’s on great alternatives to GoGoAnime TV series and movies. Though there is n number of websites on the web, the above-mentioned alternatives will serve your purpose. 

Since GoGoAnime is been blocked in many countries due to its piracy issues, the alternative websites will provide you a similar and also upgraded experience of Anime TV series and movies. 

Although there are chances the above sites can be taken down too but they reappear in similar names in the future as they recover. Anime lovers can’t be stopped if they take down one site. Watch what you love on any above site