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Today, India celebrates its 70th Republic Day, its power shown on Rajpath.

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New Delhi,
This time Republic Day has been special in many ways. On the occasion of Republic Day, the power and strength of India has been observed on the Rajpath. At the same time, floats based on the life of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi also attracted the attention of all. This time, in addition to the new weapons included in the Army, the march for the first time was marched by the women’s paramilitary force. Apart from this, the women teams were led by women officers only. For the first time after 30 years of Bofors’s arrival, the Army M777 and K9 thunderstorms were performed in the Republic Day Parade.

For the first time in the parade, the Army performed its new Artillery. Last year, the M777 A2 Ultra Light howitzer, brought from America, was also seen in this parade. Apart from this, the 9 thunderbolt made in India was also performed, it was produced by L & T under PM Modi’s Make in India.

M777 is a 155 mm artillery gun with a maximum range of 30 kilometers. This gun was used even during the war in Afghanistan. In the year 2017, a deal worth 145 howitzer was made between India and US at a cost of Rs. 5000 crores. On the other hand, the 9 thunderstorms are the South Korean artillery guns. L & T has brought this gun technology from South Korea. The company has supplied 100 units for 4500 crore rupees.

Two Defense Projects of DRDO- Medium-range Surface to Air Missile and Arjun Armed Recovery and Repair Vehicle, which are currently under trial, were also screened for the first time in this parade. In addition, the Surface Mine Clearing Vehicle was first performed.

During the flypath on Rajpath, 32 transport aircraft flew from Bio-Fuel for the first time. Apart from this, four people, who were part of the leader of the Army INA, also participated in the parade for the first time.

Besides the big weapons, the main attraction of the parade is the women’s strength of the army. For the first time, women participated in paramilitary parade parade. This troop is part of the Assam Rifle, which is the oldest paramilitary force in the country. This fragment was led by Major Khushboo Kanwar.

Maj. Khushboo, after full dress rehearsal on Wednesday, told “It is a great moment for me that for the first time I have been leading the team participating in the parade. The country’s oldest paramilitary force made a contingent of women in 2015. The first batch of 124 women had passed in April 2016. Today the Force has 220 female rifles. About 33 percent of them are from the North Eastern states and the rest are from other parts of the country. However, in the Assam Rifle, the women officers have come to the army on deputation. ‘