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TikTok’s rating dropped from 4.7 to 2.0 and the Lite version rating dropped from 4.2 to 1.0, YouTube vs Tiktok ‘War’ reached Play Store.

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The short video making platform TikTok’s user rating on the Play Store has suddenly dropped to 2. TikTok had a rating of 4.7 on the Play Store until a few days ago and it has dropped to 2 on sight. In fact, a lot of Internet users have also joined the virtual fight, which started with the question of who is better between YouTube or TikTok. Many users are giving 1 star to Tiktok and are demanding to ban it in India.

TikTok official has given you more than 2.42 crore users rating on Google Play Store. These include users giving the highest 1 star and the app’s current rating has reached close to 2 on the Play Store. Lite version of this app TikTok Lite is also present on the Play Store. This Lite app has been rated by nearly 7 lakh users and also includes the users who have given the highest 1-star rating. The current rating of Tiktok Lite has been 1 star. At the same time, it has a rating of 4.8 stars on the Apple App Store.

What is the whole matter?
The reason for TikTok’s ratings suddenly dropping is the Youtube vs TikTok trend in the virtual world. Actually, after the roast video of some popular YouTubers against TikTok videos, some TikTok users came out and described their platform as better than YouTube. After this, the matter went ahead and many names of YouTube kept adding to it. A roast video from Carrynamati, one of the top YouTubers in India, was also made on the fight between TikTok and YouTube, but that did not end here.

YouTube took down the video
A video from Youtube vs TikTok: The End was created by Carryminati, which became the most liked Indian video in a few days. However, this video has been removed from YouTube, saying that the video violates the Community Guidelines. It is believed that the video has been removed after being reported by TikTok users and this became the reason for the anger of Internet users. Numerous users are giving negative reviews and ratings to TikTok, as well as the demand to ban it in India.