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Threat from North Korea? Japan’s first military exercise after World War 2.

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Tokyo, In the capital of Japan, after the second world war, for the first time on Monday, a military exercise was carried out to expel people, in which hundreds were involved. This practice has been done at a time when there is tension in North Korea’s nuclear program.

During the practice, a loudspeaker was told in an amusement park in Tokyo, “We have received information that the missile has been launched. Please go out peacefully or get underground. ‘ A second message was released shortly after the loudspeaker, “Missile passed away. Missile Kanto went through the region to the Pacific Ocean. ‘

In Japan, areas of earthquake-prone areas are practiced in such areas, because such annual exercises related to natural disasters, fires, etc. are practiced in schools, from workplaces to conservatory homes and almost everywhere in the city. Nonetheless, this practice, in response to the threat of missile attack from North Korea in Tokyo, is a new idea. However, similar practices were practiced in other parts of Japan last year.