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The world’s most powerful phone will be Xiaomi Mi9 Explorer, Co-founder claims.

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Chinese company Shaomi is going to launch its flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi9 on February 20. The company had announced Mi8 Explorer Edition with Xiaomi Mi8 last year. Some leaked reports have claimed that the Mi9 will also introduce the Xiaomi Mi9 Explorer Edition with the smartphone. Mi Explorer 9 Edition leaked render with four rear-facing cameras on Weibo. However, no confirmation has come from the company regarding this smartphone yet. Xiaomi co-founder Wang Chuan confirmed on Friday that Mi9 Explorer Edition is the most powerful smartphone in the world.

This phone is using the co-founder Wang Chuan
Co-founder Wang Chuan has claimed that he has been using Xiaomi Mi9 Explorer for some time and it is the most powerful smartphone in the universe. He also said that this handset will have an additional camera. Apart from this, this phone has brought some surprises for its fans.

Radical Design May Come With Mi9 Explorer Edition
The Mi8 Explorer Edition, which came last year, was a transparent rear. There is a great possibility that Xiaomi Mi9 Explorer Edition can also see this thing. The look of the Mi8 Explorer Edition was greatly appreciated, Mi9 Explorer Edition can also come with a radical design. Like the Mi9 Explorer Edition Snapdragon 855 may be powered by an SoC processor. Shaomi Mi8 smartphone came with 6GB RAM, while the Mi8 Explorer Edition was launched with 8GB RAM. Xiaomi Mi9 Explorer Edition can offer higher specifications than Mi9 phones.

The company is already selling black shark helo and Xiaomi Mi mix3 smartphones in 10GB RAM option in China. So there is a great chance that 10GB of RAM is offered in the Mi9 Explorer edition. Plus, this smartphone can be given more screen space.