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The US reduced the visa period for Pakistani nationals from 5 years to 3 months.

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After the Pulwama attack, the US has given another blow to Pakistan, which has consistently faced criticism from the global stage. The US has reduced the visas given to Pakistani nationals from 5 years to 3 months. ARY News has given this information on behalf of an American Embassy spokesman. Earlier, the US has summoned the report about Pakistan’s destruction of F-16. Now the US has given a double blow to Pakistan by reducing visa duration.

Even after the Pulwama attack, there was a very strong reaction from American President Donald Trump. Now by the reduction of the visa duration of the Pakistani nationals, the Trump Administration has indicated a drastic step. After separation of terrorism after the Pulwama attack, Pakistan has also declared action on terrorist organizations.

According to Geo TV, the visa given for work and missionary has been reduced from five years to one year. The visa limit for journalists has been reduced from five years to 3 months. It is mentioned in the notification of the Consulate that visas for business, tourism, and students will remain valid for a period of 5 years.

The TV channel quoted diplomatic sources as saying that the policies have been modified according to the rules of the Pakistani Embassy in Washington. Pakistan also issues journalists for 3 months visas for journalists. Government officials will be issued electricity based on the nature of their work. At the same time, before the visa application fee was $ 160, it has been reduced to $ 192 under the revised amendment from January 21.

Explain that Pakistan had previously denied the fact that the IAF had earlier dropped the F-16 aircraft. However, on the day of the incident, the IAF had presented evidence of the destroyed F-16. After this, the US has sought the report from Pakistan. US Secretary of State Mike Pompei also said on the ongoing dispute between India and Pakistan that the US is keeping an eye on the entire development.