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The US has opened the treasury, announced to provide a $ 1.6 billion funds for coronavirus vaccine.

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There is good news for the world battling the coronavirus. The United States has announced a $ 1.6 billion funding for the coronavirus vaccine. This money will be given to the Novavax company. The US has given the highest amount of money to a company for its vaccine so far under its rap speed campaign. In addition, the US is also providing $ 450 million to Regeneron Company.

This company is working on finding new ways for coronavirus infection. According to the terms of the agreement, Novavax will deliver 100 million doses of coronavirus to the US Department of Health and Defense by the end of this year. The company’s CEO Stanley C. Erck said, “We are feeling very proud to be part of Operation Rap Speed.” We will provide the vaccine as soon as possible to protect the people of our country as soon as possible.

Vaccine’s last trial soon
Novavax Company Vaccine has undergone two trials and the last one is going to be held soon. The name of this vaccine is NVX-CoV2373. The company has artificially created part of the coronavirus ‘spike protein’ by using insect cells. With the help of this protein, the coronavirus infiltrates cells to stimulate the immunity of humans.

The company said that it has prepared a vaccine using similar techniques to cure seasonal flu, which is very effective. The US has also given more money to Oxford University. Oxford University was given $ 1.2 billion. Under Rapid Operation, the United States hopes to provide millions of doses of vaccine by the year 2021. Please tell that 5,46,765 people have died due to Coronavirus so far.