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The US has also shown stricterity on India regarding oil imports from Iran.

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There is a shock for India trying to be self-sufficient at the level of energy and it may have to be compelled before the United States to avoid restrictions. Oil ministry has asked the refineries to be prepared for ‘major reduction’ in oil exports from Iran from November. Two people related to this matter have informed about this. In view of this, considering the sanctions imposed by the US on Iran, it is being considered as a sign of India’s reaction.

Let us tell you that the US ambassador appointed in the United Nations, Nikki haley, has made India aware of Iran with a US perspective on its visit to Delhi. In his special address on Thursday, Nikki haley said, “The world is united against Iran’s nuclear weapons. We have reason to worry about what Iran will do with those weapons. Although India says that it does not accept the one-sided restrictions imposed by the United States, but rather adhere to the UN’s sanctions. However, sources associated with the matter say that after India, India is the biggest buyer of Iranian oil, in such a way that this censoric reaction of India is very important.

During the Obama administration, India saw a decrease in oil imports from Iran. India had tried to reduce oil imports by Iran at an average rate of 20 per cent for every six months. Now the pressure of US President Donald Trump is that it should go to Zero, that is, not oil imports. This is the reason why this week other than the early May, the US State Department showed more sternness in the briefing done on Iran’s issue.

Haley’s hard message on Iran has come at a time when the US has postponed the 2 + 2 dialogue with India in view of the visit of North Korea Mike Pompeo to North Korea. This decision is seen to not openly show interest to India in a way. That too at a time when bilateral relations are already being runny because of increasing trade and economic disputes. Sources say this dialogue will be rescheduled soon but it will be challenging to bring together 4 top ministers again for one day.

External Affairs Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar, answering a question, said that Nikki haley’s statement was not in reference to India but it is applicable to all countries. He said that India will take every necessary steps such as dialogue with the stakeholders to ensure its energy security. Although Haley was clear about Iran He accused Iran of being a dictatorial country and funding terrorism and spreading strife in Central Asia.

In a meeting with PM Modi on Wednesday, Nikki haley re-emphasized on eliminating oil import with Iran. Repeating this message in an interview given to a TV channel, Haley said, “I think for the future of India, we will encourage them to reconsider their relationship with Iran.” He further said that we all need to think about who we choose for business. Haley said, “I think India should also decide this as a friend.

Nikki haley Iran and North Korea are the faces of the American rigors. In the past, Haley also led the United Nations Human Rights Council’s decision to step outside the US. Haley showed strong stance on Pakistan in his address too. In a way, it was an attempt to remind India that the Trump Administration, other than its predecessors, is keeping a second view towards Islamabad. India has praised this stubbornness of the US towards Pakistan.