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The US condemns Masood against China, Said – The UN is decreasing the rights of the US.

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On Tuesday, China has pledged to reduce the rights of the United Nations Anti-Terrorism Committee on the United States. China said that the US is mulling the rights of the United Nations Anti-Terrorism Committee by pressing for Masood Azhar to put it on the list of global terrorists. China said that this move by the US could entangle this issue.

With the cooperation of France and the United States, the United States presented a draft proposal for declaring Pakistani terrorist Masood Azhar to be a global terrorist in the UN Security Council. Two weeks ago, the move was made by the Chinese on hold by the Chinese proposal to include Masood in the list under the 1267 Al-Qaeda Ban Committee.

In this regard, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told the media that the move taken by Washington could make things tangle up.

Shuang said that this talk is not about the resolution of the proposal. This will cause the United Nations Anti-Terrorism Committee’s right to be blamed. It is not conducive to the unity of the countries, things will get entangled. Shuang said, “We expect from America that he proceeded carefully in this matter and forcibly avoided this proposal.”

The United States has drafted a resolution on 15 days for China to veto Masood against declaring a global terrorist. This draft has been told about new ways to ban Masood. This proposal has been sent to the 15 most powerful countries of the world.

In the meantime, US Secretary of State Mike Pompey gave a statement on how to save Masood by China, saying China is exploiting millions of Muslims in its home but is protecting the head of a violent Islamic terrorist organization from the UN’s ban.

Pompeo said in a tweet, “The world can not tolerate hypocrisy towards China’s Muslims. On the one side, China is exploiting millions of Muslims and on the other hand, it is protecting the head of an Islamic terrorist organization from the UN’s ban.

The draft of the proposal has been criticized by the Pulwama suicide bomber and demanded to put Azhar in the restricted list of terrorist outfits such as al-Qaeda and Islamic State. If there is a ban from the UN, then Jaish gangster Masood Azhar will be barred on foreign trips. His assets will be seized.

It is not clear whether voters will take place at the draft resolution, but China, like the last time, can also use the veto against it. The UK, the US, France, and Russia are included in the 5 permanent members of the China Security Council, who have the right to veto.

For the blacklist of Masood Azhar, four attempts have been made in the United Nations Ban Committee. China has blocked three of these efforts and has tried to stop the recent attempt on technical grounds, due to which the proposal is on hold for 9 months.