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The Simpsons to no longer have white actor voices for non-white characters amid BLM outrage

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The Simpsons are one of the most popular and longest-running American sitcoms today. And the makers are finally making some revolutionary but important changes. The animated show will no longer have a white actor voice any of the non-white characters. As you guessed, the change came with Apu.

For those who don’t know, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon is a recurring character in the animated TV series. He is an Indian-American immigrant proprietor who runs a popular convenience store in Springfield. Although best known for his catchphrase, “Thank you, come again,” Apu had drawn attention outside the world of The Simpsons because of the white voice actor Hank Azaria who lent his voice for Apu.

Things escalated after comedian and ardent The Simpsons follower Hari Kondabolu made a documentary called The Problem With Apu in 2017. It had shown how the representation of South Asians in the show changed when a South Asian character was made and voiced by white people.
The makers of the sitcom did not take the criticism well.

On the 26th of June 2020, Friday, the producers of The Simpsons made a statement. The statement did not elaborate but the move follows years of public pressure about the Fox television show’s Indian convenience store character Apu, who is voiced by Hank Azaria. Azaria said earlier this year that he would no longer play the character, which has been criticized as a negative portrayal of Indian-Americans.

Azaria has also voiced the Simpsons characters of Black police officer Lou and the Mexican-American Bumblebee Man. Harry Shearer has played Dr. Hibbert, who is Black.

Apparently, this huge announcement comes amidst a widespread reckoning for US pop culture about racism following mass protests this month over the killings of Black Americans by police.