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The second meeting of Trump-Kim will be held on 27-28 February in Vietnam.

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US President Donald Trump will hold second summit in Vietnam in late February with Kim Jong-un, the separatist leader of North Korea. It will be a beginning of diplomatic efforts to eliminate nuclear and missile programs. In the annual ‘State of the Union’ Trump announced this.

Kim and Trump met in Singapore last year. That was the first summit between the two leaders of the two countries. Since this summit, North Korea has not taken any provocative action like nuclear weapons or ballistic missile testing. But he has not agreed to leave his nuclear arsenal.

Addressing the Congress, Trump said that progress has been made in the efforts of his administration to establish peace in the Korean Peninsula. Trump said in his address, more than 80 minutes, “We will continue our historic steps to establish peace in the Korean Peninsula. Our hostages have returned home, nuclear tests have been closed and the missile has not been launched for more than 15 months. ”

He said, “There is still much work to be done, but Kim Jong relationship with them are good.” The US president said, “Kim and I will be meeting in Vietnam on 27-28 February.” Trump also warned about the dangers of increased stress with Pyongyang. Trump said, “If I had not been elected President of America, then I think we were in a big war situation with North Korea now.” Which city of Vietnam will be the summit? This announcement has not been announced yet. However it is more likely to be in Hanoi or Da Nang in the capital.