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The rising violence in France, the government considering the Emergency, rising prices of diesel.

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Paris, The unrest caused by the increase in prices of petrol and diesel is taking a serious turn. These conditions have triggered a fresh violence in this country, refreshing the 50-year-old memories. Earlier, there was such violence in the year 1975. After this, France is struggling with the most dangerous home turmoil. The situation is so bad that on Saturday some youths handed over many vehicles and buildings to the fire in central Paris. In such a situation, the government is considering implementing the emergency. A French government spokesman said that we have to take such action so that such a move is not there again.

This protest has been named ‘Yellow Vest’. A large number of people are wearing yellow vests worn in emergency situations and are performing. This demonstration was furious on Saturday when some of them started setting fire to vehicles and buildings. In the video being shared by the French police, some protesters can be seen targeting police vehicles and breaking their glass.

In another video, to burn burning cars and demonstrators, tear gas shells can be seen. In Paris, 412 people, who were still performing, were arrested, while about 133 people were injured. Police spokesman told a channel that a large number of people had to clash between the police and protesters after rising prices of petrol and the increase in hydrocarbon taxes. When asked a question from the government spokesperson about the implementation of the emergency, he said that the government also has an option.

Why it flares in France
The French government increased the price of diesel by 23 percent – the use of diesel cars in France is common. Look at the past 12 months, here prices of diesel have risen to $ 1.71 a liter. Since 2000, this is the highest price so far. President Macro has increased tax in petrol and diesel this year to promote clean fuel. Due to this, there has been an increase of 7.6 cents per liter and 3.9 cents per liter in petrol. Due to January 1, 2019, there will be an increase of 6.5 cents per liter in petrol and 2.9 cents per liter in petrol. Due to these rising prices, the common people of France are upset and the opposition is making this issue that Monroe is working for the rich and the big entrepreneurs.

Why are the people angry?
The protests that started last month were calm. Suddenly it became violent in the last one week and people started wearing yellow coats and appeared on the streets of Paris. The protesters attacked the police, set cars on fire, handed over the banks and houses to the fire. Not only that, they have also damaged national monuments of France. During this protests, demonstrators took a picture of President Macron in protest of Arc De Triomphe. Police have so far arrested more than 400 people for spreading riot and violence. So far 133 people including 23 policemen have been injured, including some journalists.

Memories of 1975 fresh
Earlier in France, such violence was fiercely, almost 50 years ago. When the Emergency came into effect in 1975, the violence erupted between Paris and other cities of France such as Charleville-Mézières in the northeast, Nantes of West and Marseille to the south.