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The Prince of Jordan expressed the hope of India’s role in the solution of the Syrian crisis.

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In the backdrop of recent Jordan visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Prince Ali bin Al Hussein, a key member of the royal family of Jordan, has said that in the solution of the Syrian crisis, especially the refugee crisis, India is expected to play a role as a ‘world power’. . Responding to a question in a press conference two days ago from ‘Laureates and Leaders for Children’ Summit, Prince Ali said, ‘We are not here to talk about the political issue, but I would definitely say that relations between India and Jordan Are the best. The Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) had recently visited Jordan and the two countries spoke on various issues and cooperation in different areas. India is a fast growing economy and one of the world’s strengths. In this way, we look at India to play a role in the solution of this issue (Syria and refugee crisis) and to help others in the refugee crisis. ”

Prince Ali Jordan’s Shah Abdullah is the cousin of Sani Bin al-Hussein and also the Commander of the Royal Guards of his country. She is co-organizer of ‘Laureates and Leaders for Children’ summit-2014 going to be held on March 26-27. Supporting Prince Ali’s remarks at the press conference, Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi said, “India is the world’s largest democracy. It is the earth that provides peace and message of humanity. India is the third most populous country in the world and people have come together for centuries. We inherited peaceful coexistence. In such a situation, the Government of India and the public also have the responsibility to spread these values ​​in other countries. These values ​​can help in solving Syria crisis. Satyarthi also said, “India has always been helping others. For example, in Afghanistan, Nepal and Sudan, where India is extensively helping. He is also helping in other places. ‘

Prime Minister Modi visited Jordan and Palestine on 10 February. After this, Shah Abdullah Sani bin Al Hasan of Jordan had visited India for a three-day visit from 27th February to 1st March. During this visit of Shah Abdullah II, 12 agreements / MoUs were signed between India and Jordan in different areas including defense and trade. On the refugee crisis of West Asia, Ali said, “Jordan is playing a major role in solving the solution to the refugee crisis in West Asia. Jordan’s place is second only to those who give refuge to most refugees. We hope that from this Summit we will present some effective solutions to the issues related to the issues related to refugees in Jordan and especially the children. ”

Since the beginning of civil war in Syria in 2011, a large number of refugees entered the border of Jordan. As per the estimation of various international agencies, more than 1 million refugees are currently living in Jordan. The founder Satyarthi of ‘Laureates and Leaders for Children’ said, “Children are not responsible for war, violence, natural calamity or any other kind of tragedy, despite these violent struggles and children of most victims of tragedies. It is urgently needed in a political and ethical way that the present and future of children should be secured. ‘ He said, “We are going to give life to millions of children from this summit in Dead Sea.” The first lady of Panama, Laureña Castilla de Verela, praised Jordan for giving shelter to Syrian refugees, saying, “This is a major humanitarian crisis in which millions of children are facing difficulties. The pictures that are being seen from Syria these days are distraught. Everyone will have to solve this crisis together. ‘

Kerry Kennedy, the president of American human rights activist and Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, said, “It is a matter of concern for all that millions of children around the world are neglected from basic amenities, education, health. It is a matter of great joy that these children are being raised from a large platform like ‘Laureates and Leaders’.’ Kerry said, “We can not overcome the pain of all children at once. There may be a lot if we try to remove the pain of one child or one family. We are gathering on the platform of ‘Laureates and Leaders’ with this message.’ It is worth mentioning that the second summit of ‘Laureates and Leaders for Children’ established by Satyarthi is being organized in the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center in Jordan’s Dead Sea on 26-27 March. Panama President Juan Carlos Verela Rodriguez, member of the Imperial Family of Jordan Ali bin Al Hussein, Keri Kennedy, Satyarthi and several countries, in the ‘Lorettes and Leaders for Children’ Summit, under the patronage of Shah Abdullah Sani bin Al Hussein of Jordan Leader and Nobel Prize winners will be included.