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The old Whatsapp chats of Whatsapp users are disappearing, this may be the reason.


Messaging app Whatsapp is definitely very popular, but many related problems are often seen in front of users. Recently many new features have been added to this app. In the past, users have reported several bugs, hoax messages and scams in the app. There have been cases in front of many WhatsApp users that their old Whatsapp chat has disappeared.

Bhart Mishra, a Whatsapp user on many blogs and portals has complained about the disappearance of the messages. His post has been shared in many platforms. In the complaint, he writes that every morning he found that old Whatsapp messages disappeared from their Moto G4 Plus. One such case came in front of a woman in October last year. The woman said that this is happening with her from April.

Bharat wrote, ‘Since last month, my Whatsapp chat history is disappearing automatically. Now every morning it looks like one or two chat history has disappeared in my phone. I have faced this problem in the Moto G4 Plus phone, and have seen that many users have been victims of Google search. I have mailed the support team more than 25, but there is no response from Whatsapp. ” He wrote that I’ve re-installed the app five times, yet it is not okay.

Whatsapp had a partnership announce in August last year and it was revealed that the app’s back-up will be on the drive. It has also been said that if it is not updated after more than a year, then it will be removed. This can be a reason, apart from this, bugs may also happen.