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The new rules of the client looto bank came.

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Due to a giving her debit card to her husband on behalf of a woman, SBI has refused to refund a 25,000 rupees cut from the account even after the transaction was not done. State Bank of India says that the debit card is non transferable, so a family member can not be given it for use as well. Referring to this rule, SBI refused to refund Rs 25,000 in the account of the woman, who had cut off without any amount. SBI had said that the woman violated the privacy and safety rules, so her claim is not made. This argument of the bank was accepted by the Consumer Forum.

SBI makes changes in his transaction policy and service policy at least 3 times a year.

In the future, if you want to avoid any such loss, then it is important to know about the rules of use of ATM or Debit Card. Learn what the rules are …

what not to do
– Never write your PIN number on the card. Always remember him.

– Do not take help from ATM transactions from strangers or do not give cards to anyone else for transactions.

– Do not tell any person your ATM PIN. Even the bank staff and family members also do not give this information.

– Keep a close eye on the card during the payment and do not let it glow through the eyes.

– Avoid talking on mobile phones during the transaction.

Always keep these precautions
– Keep the entire privacy during ATM transactions. Ensure that no one is looking at entering PIN number in the ATM machine.

– After the transaction see that the Welcome Screen has arrived in the machine. Do not leave the machine before that.

– Ensure that your existing mobile number is registered in the bank. This will allow you to get all the transactions from the bank from the bank.

– Keep an eye on the people’s suspicious movement at ATMs and avoid being busy with the conversation with strangers.

– Do not forget to withdraw your card from any merchant after shopping.

– If there is an extra device in the ATM, then keep an eye on it.

– Instantly inform the bank when the ATM card is lost or stolen. Instantly give information on an unorganized transaction.

– Regularly check transaction alerts and bank statements from the bank.

– In case of non-cash withdrawal and cash withdrawal from ATM, inform the bank immediately.

– After making any transactions, check the SMS immediately on the mobile.