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The neighboring country is becoming a threat to India. China is selling arms.

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China has become a major supplier of weapons for neighboring countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar these days, while surprisingly significant increase in US arms sales has been recorded for India. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute report, the US, Russia, France, Germany and China are the world’s largest arms supplier and occupy 74 percent of the market.

India remains the largest importer of weapons in the world. Its share in the whole world is 12 percent. In the report, the transfer of arms between 2013-2017 has been assessed and compared to the period 2008-2012. This figure has been mobilized for those weapons which have already been ordered.

For the production of defense, the Modi government is insisting on ‘Make in India’, but the import has increased 24%. Pakistan’s arms imports have dropped by 36 percent. Military experts believe that Pakistan has prepared a good environment for its weapons production against India. Russia is still the largest supplier to India and 62 percent import is from Russia. America is second with 15 percent. The special thing is that imports from the US increased 557%. America has given India the Marine patrol aircraft, transport aircraft and fighter helicopters. For India, Israel is at number three with 11 percent.

The US has reduced Pakistan’s arms sales and it has declined 76 percent in the last five years. Actually, there is a belief in the US that Pakistan is not taking enough steps to eradicate terrorism. When military aid was reduced from the US, Pakistan resorted to China. In the last five years, Pakistan’s imports from China increased by 70 percent. China supplied arms to 48 countries, 35 percent of which was supplied to Pakistan. China has been selling enough weapons to Myanmar in recent years. In fact, due to Myanmar’s action against Rohingya Muslims, America and Europe have reduced the supply of weapons there. Nearly two thirds of Myanmar arms import is from China. Bangladesh is even ahead, 71 percent of its weapons are being supplied from China.