The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections: Priyanka Chopra responded to the trolls by saying, “No work is small”


It’s reasonable to say that Priyanka Chopra is making a name for herself in Hollywood. As a result of the recent release of The Matrix Resurrections, Priyanka is being talked about. This film features an actress who portrays Sati. With Priyanka’s role being so small, she has given her life to the character of Sati with an impressive performance. The actress has responded to some social media trolls who have mocked her for playing a minor role with a witty response.

No work is big or small – Priyanka on The Matrix Resurrections trolls

On December 22nd, ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ was released. This film, starring Priyanka Chopra, has been met with a mixed reception both at home and abroad. Priyanka Chopra’s brief appearance on the big screen has drawn attention, but some critics were not pleased with her screen timing. She told the media that I don’t waste any time in comparison. I don’t believe that any work is too small or too large for me to accomplish. It is important to treat your job as a job, which should be respected.

Priyanka Chopra scolded people for having small thoughts

As Priyanka Chopra explained further, ‘no matter whether it is Bollywood or Hollywood, I do not choose any project for the screen timing of my roles.’ Many people ask me why I’m doing this, and I tell them that it’s “The Matrix”, and I’m playing a significant role in it. Those who claim that my part in “The Matrix Reactions” is insignificant may be speaking from a place of limited perspective.

What matters to me is that I’m working with great people, Priyanka Chopra tells me. This is the fourth film in the “Matrix” series. In 1999, the first movie was released. A child actor played Sati in the first film. Priyanka has portrayed her as she has grown up.