The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections Movie Review: Priyanka Chopra stands out even in a crowded scene

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The Matrix Resurrections Movie Review: The 1999 Matrix is a cult classic for a reason. Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie Ann Moss) introduced us to a world where artificial intelligence and human beings fought to co-exist before the advent of the school of consciousness and the philosophy of parallel worlds. Filmgoers will always remember the poignant blue pill and red pill scene. The entire philosophical narrative is based when it comes to humanity’s survival. Two decades after the first film in the series, we’re revisiting a film franchise that has profoundly impacted cinematic storytelling and action.

The Matrix Resurrections tries to fill in large gaps in a rather thin plot by picking up parts and pieces from previous films (The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions). In addition to Neo and Trinity, we get to meet Yahya (as Morpheus) and Agent Smith (as played by him) (Jonathan Groff). The actors and faces who portrayed these characters impacted the audience. It takes some time to get used to seeing new actors take on the roles of beloved old characters.

It’s not so much about the machines versus humans conflict as it is about Neo and Trinity’s simmering romance this time around. Although the slow-motion bullet dodging scenes and the long black trench coats are reminiscent of previous films, something feels off about this film.

The Matrix Resurrections makes a valiant effort to keep you engrossed in its story. The actors aren’t really at the heart of the problem, but rather the material they’re given to work with. It’s clear that Keanu aimed to show Neo’s flaws and frailties, and he succeeds in doing so. Even in a crowded scene, Priyanka Chopra’s Sati makes an impression. It’s Carrie Ann Moss, however, who steals the show in every scene and fight. When you look into her eyes, you’ll see why she’s so dangerous.

In a world where action movies push the boundaries, the fight scenes seem a little dated. Dialogues can be corny to the point where you laugh at the wrong things.

The Matrix Resurrections may fall short of expectations as a moviegoing experience. Still, the return of the Neo-Trinity-Morpheus trio to the big screen is a long-awaited treat for fans of the series.