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The Kashmir Files: Noida Police Department has issued a warning against fake links being circulated on WhatsApp

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Amid the hype around The Kashmir Files, Noida police authorities have warned people not to click on strange links posted on social media and WhatsApp by unknown people relating to the film, implying probable efforts at cyber fraud. According to officials, cybercriminals might distribute such links under the guise of making online payments or giving a link for free access to a movie or video, but end up accessing victims’ phones and emptying their bank accounts linked to their mobile numbers.

“There has been no particular case here yet in which the movie’s name has been used,” Singh told PTI. “However, there are inputs of such methodology being used by conmen for hacking into people’s phones or duping them of money.”

However, Singh claims that there have been situations where naive phone users have lost their funds as a result of a few clicks on links provided to them over WhatsApp.

“Most recently, three persons contacted the police within 24 hours from only one police station with identical charges of cyber fraud, in which they lost a total of 30 lakh,” the official added, as reported by PTI.

Baljeet Singh, a Gautam Buddh Nagar Cyber Cell employee, urged people to phone the cyber hotline 1930 (previously 155260) promptly in the event of any online fraud or trouble.

Meanwhile, a commotion erupted at a Noida movie theatre as the film’s screening was momentarily halted, prompting police to arrive to settle the audience. According to officials, a malfunction in the auditorium’s central air conditioning system led workers to interrupt the film’s screening, resulting in a commotion among the audience at approximately 7.30 p.m. According to them, the performance was resumed as soon as the air conditioner was swiftly repaired by the administration of the multiplex, which is located within a shopping centre within the Sector 39 police station bounds.

Since its release, video clips and links from ‘The Kashmir Files,’ a film based on the flight of Kashmiri Pandits from the Valley in the 1990s, have been spreading on social media and WhatsApp groups.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised “The Kashmir Files” on Tuesday for “presenting the truth in its true form,” adding history must be portrayed in the proper context from time to time.