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The Kashmir Files: After Making the movie Tax-free, Shivraj Announces to build ‘Genocide Museum’

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Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, stated on Friday that he will help to create a museum to remember the genocide against the Kashmiri Pandit minority in Jammu and Kashmir. He claimed that the state government will provide the land as well as all other essential facilities. In response to a request from Vivek Agnihotri, filmmaker of the film ‘The Kashmir Files,’ CM Chouhan stated, “Today Vivek Ji has given the idea to create Genocide Museum.” The state government will provide you with all kinds of assistance, including land. “I respect your feelings.”

On the occasion, the Chief Minister praised Agnihotri for bringing to light the plight of Kashmiri Pandits who were compelled to flee their homeland.

Agnihotri praised Kashmiri Pandits’ magnificent past, claiming that the community was always in search of education and wisdom and had nothing to do with the bloodshed and that this is why not a single Kashmiri Hindu is illiterate now and has a prominent position in society.

Agnihotri claimed to be a native of Bhopal and his wife Pallavi Joshi is from Indore, both in Madhya Pradesh. He congratulated Chouhan for providing tax-free status to the film and for convincing his MLAs to endorse it.

Taking a lighter tone, CM Chouhan stated, “Vivek Ji is a son of Madhya Pradesh.” He was raised in Bhopal. I used to assume he was my senior. But then we talked about our ages and discovered that I am his senior.”

The Kashmir Files has proven to be a transformational experience. The film, based on real stories of Kashmiri Pandits, transports audiences to the early 1990s, when upheaval in Kashmir erupted as a consequence of extremism and radicalisation, driving the vast majority of Hindus from the valley. Militants slaughtered anyone who refused to flee.

The film has elicited an incredible response from the audience. Since it portrays the tragic story of the extermination of Kashmiri Pandits by Islamic terrorists in the valley in the 1990s, the film has become the talk of the valley.