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The Justice Department will not bow to any political pressure :American Attorney General.

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Washington, American Attorney General Jeff Sessions has reversed President Donald Trump. Sessions has said that the Justice Department will not bow to any kind of political pressure. According to the BBC, Sessions has given this reaction on the statement of Trump, in which the President had said that Sessions has no control over its Department. Trump has criticized the Justice Department on several occasions. The Justice Department is investigating the alleged Russian intervention in the 2016 presidential election.

Sessions initially supported Trump’s election campaign, but later he removed himself from the case and handed over the responsibility of investigation to his deputy Rod Rosenstein. Due to the investigation being carried out by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Trump has often been spreading on Twitter too. Two days ago, the dramatic turn came in the investigation when former manager of Trump’s campaign Paul Manfort was found guilty of tax and bank fraud and former Trump personal lawyer Michael Cohen violated the financial rules of tax evasion, bank fraud and campaign Accepting the blame in the case.

However, Trump has denied the Russian intervention in the presidential election. Sessions said in the statement, “Since then, I have taken the oath since then, I have a complete control over the judiciary.” He said, ‘Unless I’m an attorney general. The Justice Department will not be affected by any kind of political pressure. ‘