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The government’s decision on the salary of actors in China, Now will not tax evasion.

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Beijing, Some Chinese stars may now have to think about their royal life. Indeed, now the Communist Party of China is looking into the hard work of these actors, and with the publicity department, four other government departments have issued instructions regarding fixing the limit of unaccounted money for the actors.

Indeed, in China, actors resort to special contracts called ‘yin-yang’ to avoid tax. These special contracts have been a big protest over the social media over the past month.

According to the report of ‘Bloomberg’, the instructions issued on Wednesday said that in China, actors can no longer be given more than 40 percent of the total cost. Not only this, lead actors can not get more than 70 percent of the fees paid to the whole cast. This fixed limit applies to films, TV dramas and digital series.

Under the ‘Yin Yang’ contracts, any actor signs two agreements. The one in which the payment is shown less so that the tax has to be reduced and the second agreement is out of record.