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The government of India suspects Patanjali’s corona medicine, Prohibited the advertisement of medicine.

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The Indian government has asked Patanjali to stop advertising the drug of the Corona virus. In fact, yoga guru Baba Ramdev launched the coronavirus drug ‘Coronil’ on the market on Tuesday, claiming that this drug, made after intensive study and research of herbs from Ayurveda method, is benefiting 100 percent of patients. However, within a few hours, the AYUSH Ministry took the important decision after taking cognizance of the media reports.

The government stopped, asked for details
Baba Ramdev, the head of Patanjali Medicine for Corona, has launched this drug and claims its successful results in clinical trials. This drug was claimed to be introduced in the market from Tuesday itself. On this matter, the government has asked Patanjali that its publicity should be stopped immediately. The government said that the scientific investigation of this drug has not been done yet and the government is not aware of it, so its propagation should be stopped with immediate effect.

Patanjali claims
Patanjali succeeded in making this drug after a successful first stage trial to defeat the coronavirus. It will mainly act to increase immunity and prevent coronavirus infection from spreading in the body. In this tweet, Dr. Jaideep Arya has given information about this by tweeting that these drugs balance the energy of the respiratory system to the entire body and increase immunity. Such a name has been named Ayurvedavijaya Coronil by Patanjali. Along with this, it was also seen in the trial that the drug also brings 69% recovery in 3 days.

Up to 69% recovery claimed in 3 days
Baba Ramdev told about this that after complete research the drug of Corona has been prepared. During a study conducted on 280 infected patients, it has been observed that up to 69% recovery occurred in 3 days and the patient took much less time to recover. It is currently reported that this drug will strengthen the respiratory system and work effectively to eliminate coronavirus infection.

Ministry of AYUSH asks study from Patanjali
In the case of Patanjali’s Corona tablet, the Ministry of AYUSH said that it has no information about the scientific study of this drug. Not only this, but the Ministry of AYUSH has also asked Patanjali Ayurved Limited to share all the information including composition, research study, and sample size of Covid’s medicine. Actually, the Ministry of AYUSH researches all these things, Ayurvedic medicine, herbs. Corona is not an ordinary disease and is a completely new virus. Scientists from all over the country are involved in making its medicine and vaccine. The company has to get permission from the ministry to make medicines for the corona epidemic. No company can go to the market and claim that it is a corona drug. The government permits companies for any new vaccine or medicine. Only then can that company make that medicine. No company can go to the market and claim that it is a corona drug.

Ministry prohibited
The Ministry has told the Patanjali Group that until the claim is tested, it should not disseminate the drug, along with a copy of the approval of the product that has been sought from the concerned licensing authority of the Uttarakhand government. Significantly, Baba Ramdev has launched a medicine named Coronil on Tuesday, claiming to have made Ayurvedic Medicine of Corona. Through this medicine, patients of Corona Medicine have been claimed to be cured.

The medicine was launched this morning itself
Baba Ramdev, the head of Patanjali Medicine for Corona, has launched this drug and claims its successful results in clinical trials. This drug has been claimed to be launched in the market from Tuesday itself.

100 percent patient healthy in 7 days: Baba Ramdev
Baba Ramdev said that the moment the whole country and the world were waiting for has come today. The first Ayurvedic medicine of Corona is ready. Baba Ramdev said that 69% of patients became negative within three days during the drug trial. Apart from this, 100% of patients became negative in seven days during the trial.

People will jealous that saints have made medicine: Ramdev
Baba Ramdev said that when clinical control trials take place, many approvals have to be taken. Approval was also taken from all the national agencies for this medicine. Baba Ramdev said that the trial of this drug has been done on 280 patients. Baba Ramdev said that people will be jealous of the fact that a monk has made corona medicine.

Three drugs put in front of people
Baba Ramdev said that Giloy, Tulsi, and Ashwagandha in Coronil strengthen our immunity system. Apart from this, by putting the oil in the nose, it ends when a virus is present in our respiratory system. Also, Shvasari will strengthen our respiratory system. Baba Ramdev said that earlier the clinical trial of Ayurveda was very difficult, people thought that there should be no throat. But this drug became the solution to the problem.
The market will reach in seven days, the order will also be from the app
Baba Ramdev said that in seven days this drug will be available at the stores of Patanjali. Apart from this, an app will be launched for the delivery of this drug. On which the medicine will be delivered at home within three days of ordering.

Production with National Institute of Medical Science
This drug is made by Patanjali Research Institute and the National Institute of Medical Science, Jaipur. The company claims that the clinical control trial of ‘Corona Medicine Rates’ is in the final stage. Currently, it is produced by Divya Coronil Tablet of Haridwar and Patanjali Ayurved Limited.

Medicine made from these drugs
According to Patanjali CEO, Coronil contains a mixture of Giloy, Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Shvasari juice, and oil. According to him, this medicine can be taken twice a day – morning and evening. According to Patanjali, the receptor-binding domain (RBD) of Covid-19 from the Ashwagandha does not allow the body’s angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) to bind. That is, the corona cannot penetrate the human body’s healthy cells. At the same time, Giloy prevents corona infection. Tulsi attacks Covid-19’s RNA and prevents it from multiplying.