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The game changer for China will be a proposal, such that India’s difficulties can increase.

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Recently, the Communist Party of China put forward a proposal to make President Xi Jinping indefinitely as president. If this proposal is passed then there will be a time limit for the two term fixed for the post of President, by reshuffling the constitution there. That’s where China’s move can create problems for India. Know how this proposal could be a game changer for China.

India’s problems will increase
It is believed that this new twist of China can be difficult for India. In fact, in 2012, Xi Jinping took over the presidency of China. Since then China’s interference has increased in other countries including India. The border dispute between India and China has long been there. Because of this, bilateral relations also got sour.

According to the Chinese constitution,Xi Jinping has to leave his seat on the expiry of the two term of the presidential term. His first term is on the verge of end. In the meeting of the next parliament that will be held next month, he will be elected president for the second term.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China had put forward the proposal to end the deadline for two terms of the presidential term. This Central Committee is the most typical part of the ruling Communist Party. Of course, this committee will play an important role in passing this resolution issued for Xi Jinping.

If there is a reshuffle in the constitution, then it is necessary to get the approval of China’s Parliament, that is, the National People’s Congress. There are 3,000 representatives in the National People’s Congress Accordingly, it is the world’s largest parliamentary committee. Like India, people do not choose the representatives of the National People’s Congress.

The election of these representatives is done by the Legislative Assembly of the provincial people. Interestingly, the armed forces also elect the representatives of these representatives.

The National People’s Congress (NPC) has power to change the constitution and make laws. However, about 70 percent of the NPC’s 3000 representatives are from the Communist Party. This means that the NPC is full of such representatives who are elected for their loyalty to the party. Of course, if any changes are made then there will be no obstruction in it.

Most people say that there will be no problem for Xi Jinping. A professor of political science told the agency that degree in China does not matter, nor does it matter what your post is. It matters only if you are the emperor or not.