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The financial data of Android users is theft, New malware identified.

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Two new Android banking trojan viruses, are monitoring the behavior of mobile users and accessing their confidential data. The Global IT Security firm Quick Heal has warned on Tuesday.

Security experts at Quick Heal Security Lab have identified two Trojan named ‘Android.Marcher.C’ ​​and ‘Android.Asacub.T.’ which are available on WhatsApp, Facebook, other social applications like Skype, Instagram and Twitter emulate notifications of some major banking apps.

Researchers have warned that by accessing incoming messages through administrative privilege, these malware becomes able to crack two-factor authentication even to hackers. Two-factor authentication is used for security in online transactions.

Quick Heal Technologies Ltd. Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Sanjay Katkar said, “Indian users often download apps made via third-party app stores, links sent via SMS and email. This gives the hacker an opportunity to steal users’ confidential information. “He said,” In less than six months we have identified three such malware types. This indicates that Now hackers are target the mobile users.’

While ‘Android.Marcher.C’ ​​uses an Adobe Flash Player icon to look like a real app, an Android update icon has been used for ‘Android.Asacub.T’. Whenever users access an app on the database of these malware, they are asked to provide information like banking details, card details and login id / password to use the app.

This is not the first time that Quick Heal Security Labs has identified such malware. Prior to this, in January, researchers issued a warning about the Android banking trojan.